Having a hard time with your employees parking? Learn how to manage it!

October 29, 2018

Not managing the employees parking can be very costly for the company. According to our calculation, the fact that employees are looking around their workplace for a parking spot every day costs up to 5,000€ each year and per employees. We must take at least two important factors into account. First, this amount of money represents a great deal of unnecessary expenses for the company. Further, there is also a certain frustration caused by the lack of parking spaces that may result in employees quitting their job. As stated by SD Worx, 1 out of 4 companies has experienced this. When parking issues impact the war for talents, it has to become a strategic matter!

June 2018 - Commuty's customers shared with participants how they implemented smart parking management in their companies and the results they reached.

The fact is that a lot of company parking spots are left unused up to 50% of the time, while some colleagues have to park outside. This is both ironic...and costly! For companies with a “first come first served” policy, it’s always the same people who get access to parking spaces: the ones who have the possibility to arrive early to work. There is room for improvement. The question is: how?

Parking and mobility management are naturally very close. Indeed, if there are  fewer cars driving to work, there is a smaller need in parking spots.

We meet a lot of employers willing to offer and promote various solutions to diminish the number of cars on the road. We regularly hear about promoting carpool, bicycle, telework or combine car with public transports commuting. But which solution will suit your company best? How should it be implemented to maximize the engagement?

From Commuty’s experience, the answer is simple: you need a system. You need a one to optimize both your parking and mobility management in an automatic but personalized way for each employee. The results are obvious: improved well-being, more optimization, cost savings and no additional workload for employers.

You are you looking for a solution for your company, but you don't know where to start? You want to know more about our methodology?

Commuty invites you to 3 events to discover how to optimize your employees parking management. During these events, our customers will tell their stories and our mobility&parking experts will answer all questions and will advise you with solutions adapted to your situation.




Discover how smart parking management solves mobility issues at Partenamut around a breakfast

Speakers : Partenamut Belgium Fleet & Mobility Manager

Practical informations : This event is free of charge. Breakfast is offered.

When ? 30th November 2018 from 8h30 to 10h

Where ? Beci / Mo; Pop Up Mobility - Avenue Louise 500, 1050 Brussels

For who ? Mobility Manager, HR Manager, Facility Manager, Fleet Manager, Building Manager, etc.



Experts will give you the tools to design your parking policy through concrete examples

Speakers : Mobility experts

Practical informations : Commuty customers: 250€ - Non-Commuty customers: 350€

When ? 9th November 2018 from 8h30 to 12h OR 30th November 2018 from 10h30 to 14h

Where ? Beci / Mo; Pop Up Mobility - Avenue Louise 500, 1050 Brussels

For who ? Mobility Manager, HR Manager, Facility Manager, Fleet Manager, Building Manager, etc.