Smart Parking Management

Smart Parking Management

Organize parking spots allocations and bookings according to your parking policy

‍You have parking issues, like not enough parking spots for your employees? We can help you! We created our app’ to optimise the parking management. Based on objectives priority rules like carpoolers and frequency of a parking spot request, we developed a dynamic allocation of your parking spots and gives you access to a detailed dashboard to monitor your parking.

Commuty also promotes alternatives to reduce car trips. The app’ computes fiscal advantages linked to the reduction of the usage of the car and make the bicycling more fun by challenging your employees.

We also help you improve your branding strategy. You receive statistics and figures for your internal communication and for the press.

How does it work?

Commuty can work based upon three scenarios:

• dedicated parking spots, bookable when they are released by their « owner »,

• flex parking spots, bookable every day,

• a combination of both

Once you have chosen the situation, you can define the priority rules to access the parking. Besides (or instead of) hierarchy based criteria, you can also include mobility criteria’s such as carpoolers or disabled people.

The available parking spots on your companies’ parking are bookable by authorized employees every day. The system collects the parking demands for the next day, and then reallocates the free spots according to the set priorities. If any, people with an assigned/fixed parking spot can indicate when they are absent, so that their parking spot also becomes bookable for the indicated period, and doesn’t stay empty.

The system will inform employees whether or not they will have access to the parking the next day, so that they can organize their commutes accordingly. People who do not receive a parking spot, will be notified about personalized alternatives for their home-work trip.

It’s all automatic! Once the system is set up there is no additional workload for managers.

The system can connect to the access control system (parking gate), and your employees can continue to access the parking with their employee badge. Visitors parking can also be managed through the app.

Why choosing Commuty?

We integrate green mobility into our parking management

When one of your employees doesn't get a parking spot, the app' presents her/him alternatives to get to work like carpooling, public transport and bicycling. Also, to reduce the usage of the car and promote alternative mobility solutions, you can add options like carpool tax certifications and calculation of kilometer allowance.

The technical aspects make the users' experience seamless

Your employees have the choice: they can download the app' or access the system through their web navigator.

The daily actions are super easy and require less than 4 clicks on the app'!

Commuty can connect to the parking control access, and recognize the authorized employee badges when they are scanned at the parking entrance.

We accompany you from A to Z

Our experts in parking management can advise you during the elaboration of the parking policy.

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