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Discover Commuty

Web and mobile parking app screenshots

Commuty is a web and mobile application designed for a better parking and mobility management within companies.

Commuty manages your parking policy (incl. priority rules for spots and employees, dedicated parking spots, visitors parking spots, etc.), invite your employees on the platform, include alternative transport means (carpooling, bicycle, etc.) and provide you reporting of the use of your parking.

Try it now for free

Get one month free of charge to test Commuty's smart parking solution for your parking (30 minutes on-boarding included). Register here:

What's in it for you and your employees?

With Commuty:

Easy & quick launch

Pen drawing a parking

Set up your parking

  • Create your parking
  • Set up priorities
  • invite your employees
Calendar to book parking spots

Start booking parking spots

  • Enter parking spots requests in 2 clicks
  • Enter parking spots release in 2 clicks
task list to follow parking usage

Manage your parking

  • Follow the reallocations
  • Optimise your corporate parking usage
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include a mobility dimension to your parking

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