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Commuty is an all-in-one solution to stimulate sustainable commuting and optimize parking space in any organisation.

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What we do


We can help you define adapted alternatives to commute, suggest innovative ways to organise your parking and recommend relevant incentives.


We help you shape communication campaigns to spread the word about the changes you support and the associated benefits.


We put a custom gamification strategy in place with you. With a mix of personal goals, rewards and organisation-wide challenges.


You can view statistics on any time period to see how any of your actions impact your organisation to adapt your strategy.

How we do it

Commuty matching

Pooling & Matching

We help your members find someone to come to work with, regardless of the transportation means. Car, bicycle, motorbike, public transportation, you name it. No one should commute alone.

Commuty fiscality

Financial incentives

In some cases and depending on the country regulations, tax deductions or employer financial advantages are available. We make it easy for you to spread the word. It pays to leave the car home.

Commuty parking

Parking management

Managing parkings can be a pain. We help you figure out how many spots you need to save for carpoolers or bikes. We can also have a lotery to assign empty reserved spots.

Commuty challenges


What best way to change your habits than by playing a game and accepting challenges? We set it up just for you to make the experience enjoyable for your members.

Commuty stats

Reporting and statistics

Generating awareness about relevant alternative transportation in an organisation can be hard. You need to know what works and what doesn't for your audience. We help you do just that.

Commuty change

Change management

Persistent change can only happen if your members are willing to change. We help them visualize how they commute so they can set themselves personal goals and check their progress.

And much more...

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