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Enhance accessibility

Offer your employees easy access to realistic alternatives for their mobility to improve their daily commuting and the management of your parking capacity.

Assist your teams

Benefit from the support of our mobility advisers to assist your internal teams and boost your employees’ behavior changes.

Simplify your management

Enjoy the experience of an all-in-one tool that meets your specific mobility needs (business location, employees habits, internal policies...)

Measure your results

Get figures on your employees mobility, evaluate the efficiency of your action plans and calculate generated savings (budget, CO2...)

Our methodology and set of applications to meet your mobility challenges

Commuty Methodology

  • We analyze your specific context and needs, often driven by accessibility or parking issues.
  • We select the appropriate applications as well as the incentives to promote them internally.
  • Along their implementation, we assist you to efficiently integrate them into your organization.
  • As from the kick-off, we provide you with actionable insight by measuring results and reporting on an ongoing basis.

Commuty Carpool

Find and connect with colleagues in real time for occasional or regular carpooling. Including tax advantages, guaranteed return home, and other incentives.

Commuty Bicycle

Find and connect with colleagues living nearby to safely cycle together to work. Kilometers can be directly communicated from the app to payroll for kilometer refund. Fast and easy.

Commuty Parking

Optimize parking capacity management at your location(s) with Commuty. Allow parking bookings or allotments via the app, following specific criteria you choose.

Commuty Gamification

Challenges, contests, leaderboards. Short or long term. Individual or interdepartmental. We integrate gamification to change behavior and stimulate alternative commuting and parking for your employees, in a fun way.

Commuty Statistics

You need to know what works and what doesn't for your business. We give you this insight. Commuty measures your employees response to your mobility action plans and calculates the generated savings, in km, € and CO2.

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