Want to change your employees' commuting habits?

Promote sustainable commuting in your company through Commuty.


Commuty is an all-in-one solution to stimulate sustainable commuting in your company.

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Together with our partners we can help you define adapted alternatives for your employees to commute and recommend relevant incentives to promote them.


We help you define good communication campaigns to inform your employees about the relevant transportation options you support and the associated benefits.


We put a gamification strategy in place with you. With a mix of personal goals and company wide challenges, to a rewarding system, we help you engage your employees.


You can consult statistics on any time period to see how any of your actions impact your employees' commuting and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Features and Services

Plan communication campaigns

Inform your employees about what you do for them. We help our customers with content and design of the campaign and choice of media supports. We can also provide teams for onsite actions, activities, or infosessions.

Match travel partners

Whatever transportation your employees use, the system will help them identify colleagues whom they could travel with. And by 'any transportation' we mean literally anything your employees use, from bike to skateboard, or even kayak...

Manage carpool parking spots

Our system can help you manage and control the access to reserved parking spots for carpoolers. Everyday, you can receive information about who is carpooling and what license plates are authorized for the day on the reserved spots.

Gamify to support change

As a company you can challenge your employees by setting goals they should reach. The challenge feature helps you organize your company-wide challenges and track your employees' performances easily.

Gather statistics

Commuty gathers information about your employees commuting habits. The system will compute your savings in terms of km, fuel, CO2 and even burnt kcalories when applicable! That way you can put a number on your efforts!

Offer tax advantages to employees

In some cases, it can be fiscally advantageous for your employees to commute greener, provided you have implemented a system to track their transportation habits. We work with your payroll department to provide the necessary information.

And much more...

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