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Smart Parking. Green Mobility. Desk Booking

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Optimization as a service

Commuty is a software as a service that helps Facility & HR managers optimise the use of their corporate parking, mobility and office space through a fair and automated reservation system.

Our modular approach responds to your evolving needs and allows your employees to efficiently organise their workday.

Our team of experts advises you on best practices and makes sure your employees adopt change with meaning and success.

smart parking

Automated and fair reservation rules to optimize your parking space

Green mobility

Green mobility alternatives and carpooling to decrease parking space demand

desk booking

Flexible desk reservation tool for employees planning to go to the office

Optimise your corporate parking


Improve parking management

Maintain a good balance between usage optimisation and fairness among your employees. Manage parking for visitors, persons with reduced mobility, carpoolers, bicycles and EV chargers.

Measure & improve

Parking usage reporting, as well as optimisation guidelines, will help you improve your parking policy.

Charge parking usage

Putting a price on parking usage influences commuting habits. This feature can be integrated into your employees’ mobility budget.

Encourage green mobility

Carpoolers as well as people with few commuting alternatives are prioritized when booking a parking spot. Others are offered mobility alternatives, if relevant. Extra advantages are given to green commuters through gamification techniques.

Improve parking management

  1. Employees enter booking requests for their parking spot in 3 clicks through the Commuty app.
  2. Every day the system dynamically distributes resources according to fair rules and mobility priorities set by the company. Employees get notified about their request.
  3. Employees get access to their parking spot. Those who did not get a spot can easily find alternatives thanks to the green mobility module.


Offer green mobility alternatives


Offer carpool matching to your employees and benefit from tax advantage*.
* depends on country

Shared assets

Manage shared bikes and electric steps.


Introduce cycler matching and km refund* to your employees to encourage biking to the office.

How does the green mobility module work?

  1. Carpoolers and people with few commuting alternatives are prioritised when booking a parking spot.
  2. Commuting alternatives are suggested to employees without a parking spot, whenever relevant.
  3. Extra advantages can be given to green commuters through gamification techniques.


Manage you desk usage

How does the desk booking module work?

  1. The system allows your employees to make a desk reservation when planning to come to the office, and works on a first-come-first-served basis.
  2. This tool is also ideal for ensuring social distancing and managing covid tracing since you will be able to pinpoint which desk was occupied by which specific employee.
  3. On top of that, the desk booking module gives you full reporting on your office space usage, which will allow you to make the necessary optimizations.


An ecosystem of integrations

As a Software company, our priority is to make your life easier. We integrate with your existing tools in order to exchange data and automate key processes in a seamless way. You can use our API’s in many integration scenarios.

Access control

Connect to our parking access control system and make sure only users with a valid booking can get in. Commuty supports badge readers, digital codes, QR readers, and license plate recognition.

HR software

Automate parking reservations by connecting to the HR software. This will also allow you to charge or refund parking usage and deal with green mobility advantages.

Single Sign-On

Integrate COMMUTY with SAML2 and Open ID Connect to guarantee users a seamless authentication experience and a connection with their company logins.

Mobility budget

Integrate with the mobility budget management software. Make parking usage part of what employees can spend their mobility budget on.