Why Commuty?

Smart Parking. Green Mobility. Desk Booking


Our future relies on the choices we make today

As a community or as individuals, the way we consume, work and travel impacts our society and the planet. Since we launched Commuty in 2014, we have been driven by a strong desire to build a better future and make a difference.

Today more than ever employees are looking for meaning, positive impact and well-being in their jobs. As an employer, you can choose to set the right basis for that.

Helping your employees organise their workday in a more efficient, flexible and environment-friendly way will reinforce their loyalty and enhance their well-being. In parallel, your company will make efficiency gains and commit to sustainability. A big win for employees, employers, and society alike.

Employee mobility. Why it matters?
*Belgian figures. Based on a study by SD Worx in 2018.

Facilitate the new ways of working

Work is no longer a place we go to

We work less from the office. But when we have to go, we want flexibility and efficiency, especially when having to use shared resources like parking or office space.

Fair access for all employees based on real needs and mobility criteria contributes to a new organisational model that the younger generations aspire to.

Employee-centric organisations use smart solutions to optimize their workplace

Nominative desks and parking spots are no longer the norm. Companies need to switch to flexible shared assets’ usage. To do so, they have to be equipped with the right tools to make it easy and efficient for the users. By introducing smart parking, green mobility and flexible working solutions to your employees, you will answer their needs while boosting your efficiency.

Offer a stress-free start to a productive day

With Commuty, your employees know in advance if a parking spot is available. If not, they can then opt for alternative means of transport or work remotely.

They also have the choice to delay their commute and start working from home to avoid traffic.

How can Commuty help?

Commyty's mobile app

Green mobility and flexible working are often forgotten when dealing with parking pressure.

With Commuty, we’ve got you covered thanks to one single app.