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Before Commuty

Only a few people at the bank could park in the underground parking. Others had to park on the street and pay for their parking. However, up to 30 spots out of the 180 parking spaces available at HQ remained empty every day.

With Commuty

Commuty has helped the Bank reviewing their parking policy.

Today, all employees can request access to a parking spot when they need it. The Commuty booking system enables employees to enter their requests in advance through an app (web and mobile). Every day, the system distributes the accesses to the 180 parking spots to employees for the next day. The distribution is based on the following priority rules:

  1. Carpoolers
  2. Employees with the smallest amount of requests and parking space usage in the last 30 days
  3. Externs

The 30 day rule positively influences the users’ habits. Employees try to keep their parking usage as low as possible to have more chances to get a parking spot when they really need to.

Whenever possible, employees come by public transport or bike, work from another office or from home. Commuty helps them find alternatives by communicating relevant information to the app users, adapted to their home-work trip.

The system also encourages carpooling by giving carpoolers the highest priority for accessing the parking.

Directors play the game and have the same rights as employees. This has a huge positive impact and makes change easier. Lead by example!

Commuty is connected to the gate at the parking entrance to make sure only people with access can enter.

A success for Bank J. Van Breda & C°!

The system was launched in 2019 at the end of summer. After a short transition period and a few info sessions, employees got used to the system.

Today, no parking spot remains empty while employees have to park outside. The parking is used to its maximum capacity. Employees appreciate clear and fair rules. The 30 day rule has raised awareness of alternatives such as green mobility, carpooling, home working or working from another bank agency.