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Before Commuty

ArcelorMittal was planning to move into a new building in a crowded area of Luxembourg city, a place where the parking capacity will soon be reduced due to local city regulations.

The company was about to start looking for solutions to optimize their fully nominative parking management system when covid-19 hit, leading them to face 2 challenges:

  1. On the one hand, less people with an assigned parking space are coming to the office, which results in many empty parking spots. On the other hand, employees without assigned parking spots have to come to the office while having to avoid public transport.
  2. An increasing need for parking optimization in order to reduce the budget spent on public parking spots.

With Commuty

Thanks to a quick launch process, ArcelorMittal took advantage of the Covid situation to move from a fully nominative system to a flexible reallocation system.

They started with removing the ‘privilege system’ and giving all their employees the possibility to request a parking spot when coming to the office.

Today, employees who previously had an assigned parking spot also have to make a reservation when having to drive to the office. Yet, they still have priority and are guaranteed to get a parking spot whenever they need one.

Change management was the key to success. The company had to prove to their employees that nobody loses and some even win!

With this new way of working, ArcelorMittal optimizes their parking while giving all their employees a chance to get a spot when having to go to the office. By better managing their parking spaces and decreasing the need for additional spots, they also reduce their public parking costs.

A success for ArcelorMittal!

The Facility Managers at Arcelor Mittal believe that Commuty is an excellent return-to-office facilitation tool. It was warmly accepted by the employees, who see the added value of a fair and reliable system.

A successful first step towards the new parking policy that will be applied when moving to the new building.