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Before Commuty

Ethias operated only with dedicated parking spots, with a total of about 700 spots for its two car parks. They suspected that their car parks could reach up to 50% empty spots while employees had to park on-street or in a public parking paid by Ethias, leaving less spots available to the local residents.

With Commuty

Ethias decided to implement a system to optimize their parking management. Their goal was to fill the empty spots by allowing employees who were used to park outside to use them.

The system Commuty has setup is fully automated. Commuty connects with Ethias HR software to know when parking owners are absent and when requesters are at the office. Every day, the empty spots are distributed to car drivers for the next day. Thanks to the Commuty app, they receive a notification confirming they can access the parking and specifying in which area they are allowed to park.

A success for Ethias!

Today, thanks to this system, 120 extra car drivers can make use of the Ethias parking spaces. On top of it, Ethias can cut the expenses on external parking spot rentals.

Thanks to this parking management optimization, Ethias can now focus on objectives such as becoming carbon neutral or rethinking its employee mobility budget.