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Before Commuty

Both car parks at Partenamut HQ have a small capacity compared to the number of employees. Since most of the parking spots were assigned by name to specific employees, a lot remained empty when the owner was away (mostly during school holidays and on Fridays).

At the same time, employees with no dedicated parking spots had to park on the street. Either they had to change their parking disk every two hours or pay for the hours of stay. In specific cases, Partenamut paid for parking cards, resulting in an extra budget spent on parking.

With Commuty

Partenamut decided to work with Commuty to redefine its parking policy, establish clear and objective rules and maximize the use of empty parking spots.

Only a few full-time people working on-site and without alternative transportation are now granted nominative spots. Thanks to an integration with the HR software, Commuty can trace when people with an assigned parking space are away. Unused spots can consequently easily be distributed to parking requesters on a daily-basis. This way, we make sure parking spots never remain empty.

How does it work?

Employees without a nominative spot can request a parking space in advance for the days they drive to work. on D-1 available parking spots are given in priority to employees with a low parking score. This score is calculated based on the following criteria:

  1. Medical reason
  2. Residential site
  3. Home-work distance above 5km
  4. Lack of alternatives (time-based)

An employee combining these 4 criteria would score high on parking.

Of course parking spots can also be booked last minute in case of availability.