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Before Commuty

VF had to send some of its team members from Bornem to new offices in Antwerp. The Link, their new site in Antwerp, did not count as many parking spots. VF was switching from a large parking with plenty of parking spots in Bornem to a much smaller parking in a multi-tenant building. There was only 1 parking spot for 3 employees.

They decided to take the opportunity to go for a more flexible parking management and encourage green mobility at the same time.

With Commuty

The 126 parking spots of the Antwerp office are now managed through Commuty. The booking system enables employees to enter their parking requests in advance through the app (web and mobile). Every day, the system distributes access to the 126 parking spots to requesters for the next day. The distribution is based on priority rules defined by VF:

  1. People with a (temporary) medical reason
  2. Senior management (VP’s and above)
  3. People who have no real alternative to the car
  4. Other people with a good alternative to the car

Priority groups 3 and 4 are defined according to employees’ “parking scores”. If your first alternative is faster than the car, you will have less chance to get a parking spot than a colleague whose first alternative costs them 30 extra minutes. This individual “score” is calculated by a Commuty tool.

If all the requests inside a priority group cannot be answered, Commuty will prioritize carpoolers and employees who have used the parking the least in the previous 30 days

VF made the most of its office move!

A move is a great opportunity to initiate change and switch to more flexibility, sustainability, and well-being.

Today, Antwerp based employees can plan their commutes. They know one business day upfront whether they will have access to the parking and can make plans accordingly. They are satisfied with this new system based on clear and fair rules, as well as on mobility criteria.

The HR Management is also delighted with the new system Commuty implemented. It allows them to manage the parking efficiently and remotely without generating extra workload.