Start date


Before Commuty

Post lockdown, VF allowed their employees to return partially to the office. The company needed to ensure a safe environment. It was therefore decided to limit the number of workstations available per floor in order to maintain social distancing. On top of that, there was a need for a clear reporting tool enabling contact tracing.

Employees had to know before leaving home if they could count on an available desk at the office. Organising bookings manually by collecting daily requests, assigning available workstations and informing employees would have been expensive and inefficient. VF was looking for a tool off the shelf to automate desk booking, 24/7, easy to use, and quickly available.

With Commuty

VF was already using Commuty Smart Parking Management feature, which made the desk reservation’s integration super smooth. The feature was added to the existing setup. A new option appeared on the homepage of the web and mobile app, available to all VF employees.

A success for VF!

In no time, employees could book available desks on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Today, they can book a desk or a specific zone for their team at any time.