Smart Parking Management

Looking for a 
Smart Parking
Management Tool?

Commuty provides you and your employees
with a unique parking reservation software
based on fair & automated rules
for your corporate parking.

Optimise your corporate parking


Improve parking management

Maintain a good balance between usage optimisation and fairness among your employees. Manage parking for visitors, persons with reduced mobility, carpoolers, bicycles, motorbikes and EV chargers.

Measure & adapt

Parking usage reporting, as well as optimisation guidelines, will help you improve your parking policy.

Charge parking usage

Putting a price on parking usage influences commuting habits. This feature can be integrated into your employees’ mobility budget.

Encourage green mobility

Carpoolers as well as people with few commuting alternatives are prioritized when booking a parking spot. Others are offered mobility alternatives, if relevant. Extra advantages are given to green commuters through gamification techniques.

employees book their parking in advance

  1. Employees enter booking requests for their parking spot in 3 clicks through the Commuty app.
  2. Every day the system dynamically distributes resources according to fair rules and mobility priorities set by the company. Employees get notified about their request.
  3. Employees get access to their parking spot. Those who did not get a spot can easily find alternatives thanks to the green mobility module.


Discover how the Commuty app is working for other companies

Embrace change to meet your employees needs

Work is no longer a place we go to

We work less from the office. But when we have to go, we want flexibility and efficiency, especially when having to use shared resources like parking space.

Fair access for all employees based on real needs and mobility criteria contributes to a new organisational model that the younger generations aspire to.

Employee-centric organisations use smart solutions to optimize their workplace

Nominative parking spots are no longer the norm. Companies need to switch to flexible shared assets’ usage. To do so, they have to be equipped with the right tools to make it easy and efficient for the users. By introducing smart parking, green mobility and flexible working solutions to your employees, you will answer their needs while boosting your efficiency.

Offer a stress-free start to a productive day

With Commuty, your employees can  organise their workdays easily and efficiently. They can request a parking 24/7 on their web and mobile app, and know in advance if a parking spot is available.

If not, they can then opt for alternative means of transport or work remotely. They also have the choice to delay their commute and start working from home to avoid traffic.


Smart parking as trigger for green mobility & flexible work

Instead of seeing parking, mobility, and office space management as separate challenges, Commuty combines them into a virtuous circle that allows you to create an optimal work experience for your employees.

— Commuty is a B2B SaaS that empowers companies to have a meaningful impact on the future of work and on our mobility. Through smart parking, mobility and office space management solutions, we believe we can face some of today’s workplace and environmental challenges. Together.

Commuty can do a lot more than smart parking

Combine our modules in one single app to help employees organise their workday in a smart, efficient and sustainable way.


smart parking.

Automated and fair reservation rules to optimize your parking space.

Green mobility.

Green mobility alternatives and carpooling to decrease parking space demand.

desk booking.

Flexible desk reservation tool for employees planning to go to the office.

Our product

Commyty's mobile app

Our innovative technology suite solves complex employee parking issues, as well as mobility and workplace organisation challenges.

Commuty is a rich and powerful software-as-a-service that has evolved to meet the needs of our customers. Any scenario you can think of, we have it covered.

Our team of experts will advise you on best practices to make sure your employees adopt change with meaning and success.