3 tips to boost green mobility.

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Natacha is our account manager and takes care of our customers happiness. She explains, with three simple tips, how to boost your green mobility within your company.

How to boost green mobility within your company ?

First tip

Give your employees the possibility to try new ways of transport. For instance, you can organize one or two weeks of testing with bicycles or carpooling. The best way to encourage them is by providing them with the necessary resources to experience the real conditions.

Second tip

Lead by example“! As a manager, if you take part in the project and show the way to your employees, it will have a bigger impact on them. They will be more inclined to try new ways of transport. It will motivate them to come by bike or else …

Third tip

Communication” is key! You have to consider communicating to your employees on the the new rules you want to implement within your company. For instance, you can hang posters in the elevators, put table tent in the cafeteria, choose an ambassador to spread the ideas, … the latter will be the best representative to influence and encourage its colleagues to try new ways of transport.