How to optimize dedicated parking spots ?

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Dedicated parking spots

Today, I’d like to talk to you about how you can optimize your parking spots if you have dedicated parking spots. So again, let’s take it in a very concrete way: let’s look at a company that has 100 employees, 50 parking spots that they have in the company building and they also rent 30 parking spots in a parking building outside the company further away. If you look at those 100 employees, 80 of them come by car everyday so basically, with the parking spots in the building and the parking spots in the parking building, every employee coming by car has its own parking spot. This is a dedicated parking spot.

Is this optimal?

Not really. If you look at the 80 people who have their own parking spots, those people have on average 35 days, per year, of leave or of days where they are sick. So they don’t come to the office. On top of that, if we look at an average of one day per week that people are home working or out of office for any other reasons, you will see as a result that those parking spots are only used 69% of the time.

This means that, of the 80 parking spots that the company is paying for, 25 are not used everyday.

Let’s optimize your parking

If the company wants to optimize this, it will need to organize the accesses and leave the concept of “dedicated parking spots”. If the company does that, it means that they will be able to stop renting 25 parking spots out of the 30 out of the parking building externally and have those 25 persons use the parking spots that are empty in the company parking. If we look at that this way, 25 parking spots will not have to be rented in the parking building outside and that will represent a saving of 50k € per year for the company (without forgetting the soft costs that will be saved that we discussed in our previous video).

To conclude

So basically, organizing the accesses and having a smart parking management system will enable a company to have the employees as satisfied, because they still have their parking spots everyday they drive to work, but without renting 25 parking spots externally and left empty everyday.