Popular misconceptions about parking management.

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Today, our customer happiness manager, Natacha, is going to share three popular misconceptions about parking management that she often hears from our customers and prospects.

First misconception

This is the most frequent one! People often believe that only the owner of the building can put in place parking management solutions. But if you are only a tenant, I mean if you are renting offices in a building, you can already put some parking management solutions in place and it will not impact your neighbors.

Second misconception

The second misconception would be the need to implement hardware. It’s not true! you can already install software tools to reallocate your parking spots without interfacing with gates or with control access systems.

The last misconception

Last but not least, we often hear that “parking management is not critical” and that “it’s not a real need to implement something to regulate it”. It isn’t true either! If you saw our video about parking’s real costs, you would know about all the soft costs involved beside the hard ones. Furthermore, if you really implement tools to manage your parking lot, you can also encourage alternatives and have a significant impact on all your other mobility projects within your company.

In conclusion, implementing a parking management system can be quick, easy and with a limited investment for your company.