Why should parking always be part of your parking policy ? Part 2.

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Anne-Claire, the co founder and manager of Commuty, talks to you about a very important concept, which is the mobility policy and why the mobility policy and the parking policy should always be looked at together.

Companies lost in the mobility world

Most companies that we encounter tell us “we have a big mobility issue we want to do something about it” and so they think about how they can encourage carpooling how they can encourage bicycle, public transportation, coming by foot… and they think of a lot of incentives they put this on a very detailed and encouraging mobility policy and they push it and communicate towards their employees.

Current limitation of the mobility policy

What do we see is that this mobility policy is supposed to help people switch from car to other means of transportation but what do we see in practice it is actually the mobility policy only talks or actually is read by people who are already interested in carpooling or bicycle or who already do carpool or come to work with their bike. So basically the point is missed because we have a mobility policy, which is addressed and is used to people who are already not coming by car and then next to that usually we have parking policy who is addressed to people who come to work by car. But those two policies are looked at as different documents and are communicated apart so basically we are missing the point. People are put into boxes: people who are commuting alternatively and people who are coming by car.

Give the choice to your employees

The idea as we said is to give people the choice to either come by car and look at the parking policy and have their parking everyday they come by car but then on the days they’d like to carpool or come by bicycle they should also have the incentives that are promoted and explained in the mobility policy. So in theory and in practice, the mobility policy and the car parking policy should be combined, should be merged so that it is one and same document to promote this towards employees and then on the practical side people should be able to either book a parking spot or get their kilometer refund if they come by bicycle, that’s how we get the best results, is that people can adapt the way they travel to the trip that they have to make.